WT190T Wheeled Trimmer

Finally, a trim mower for all your landscaping needs!


ECHO Bear Cat produces a complete line of heavy duty Wheeled Trimmers that can churn their way through the heaviest weeds or lightly trim around the most intricate landscaping with ease.

ECHO Bear Cat has the broadest model selection in the industry. Fully warranted and based on a solid steel frame, the Wheeled Trimmers are tough...yet light enough for one person to load and unload.

The mow ball follows the terrain to prevent scalping. Put the ECHO Bear Cat Wheeled Trimmers to work wherever your need for rugged reliability is essential for getting the job done right the first time!

Select the Tilt-and-Trim angle you need, and efficiently cut that hard to reach grass. OCT(off center tilt) trim feature enables the operator to select from one of four positions that permit tight trimming around and under some obstructions, so the operator can continue on a straight path while trimming.


  • Pro Line Holder
  • Sabre Tooth Blade
  • Trimmer Blade
Engine6.5HP Briggs and Stratton Quantum
Weight (kg)35
Tilt Head
Warranty2 Year Consumer
1 Year Commercial
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